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Blood Bound
年代:2019 地区:美国
主演:蒂莫西·休斯  埃里克·尼尔森  杰拉德·迈克库劳奇  罗莎·阿雷唐多  
更新:2020-02-09 07:43
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      Every 25 years, it begins. Bound to an ancient pact, a family of unlimited power descend upon a small rural town to sacrifice 4 human lives, one being a member of their own family. The ritual starts with the rape of a local girl, 18 year old Kerry. Finding herself pregnant, she realizes her unborn baby is the target of a sinister plot. As the months pass and people around her begin to turn up dead, she desperately searches for a way out of this unthinkable situation. The family must perform this ritual to maintain their power or die. In charge of carrying out each sacrifice as his initiation is David, a young man conflicted with his destiny. He unexpectedly begins to fall for Kerry, which weighs on his conscience as they get closer to the final sacrifice. What starts off as a thriller soon descends into the realm of horror as occult rituals and ancient pacts take hold of one girls life, binding her to a fate she cannot possibly fathom. ROSEMARY'S BABY meets DRAG ME TO HELL in this twisted and dark look into the occult and how far the human spirit can take one soul in it's most desperate hour. Layered with plot twists and conflicted characters, BLOODLINE follows six people as they carry out their destiny to their ultimate horror.